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Blend Air Door Actuator

1、VoltageandPower   WorkingVoltage:9-16VDC   RatedVoltage:13VDC    RatedPower:15W2、Temperature   StorageEnvironmentTemperature:-40℃-100℃   Working EnvironmentTemperature:-40℃-125℃   WorkingMediumTemperature:-40℃-120℃3、FlowandLift   UnderRatedWorkingConditioning:   MaxmiumFlow:≥16L/Min     Maximumlift:≥1.8M4、ControlMode   PWMorLIN   OEMNo.:059121012B05912101206H121059K,06H121059K,059121012B,06H121059K


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In the special connector industry, the company mainly produces TLN, TLE, TLK, TLB and push-pull self-locking connectors for high voltage, high current, watertight, airtight, etc.  Management modules, automotive air conditioning actuators, speed control modules, etc.;  in the gas water heater industry, it mainly produces electronic water pumps, water flow control valves, water flow sensors and other products.  The company has passed ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 quality system certification, and ISO14001:2015 environmental system certification.                    

The company adheres to technological innovation as the basis, serving customers and serving the market, and strives to become a highly competitive excellent enterprise in the same industry in a short time。