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Focus on auto parts: the car after the market "modern era" coming soon

Company news
2017/08/31 08:40
In the auto parts market management continue to become professional, integrated logistics and e-commerce means increasingly mature today, what kind of business model is more suitable for enterprise development, auto parts market future development should go to where?
China as the world's largest consumer car market, in the global automotive consumer market to show a great consumer power, first of all we look at the global car sales. Global auto sales is at the growth point of year% 4, and with the recovery of China's economy, China's auto sales is showing a "blowout" growth, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of the data show that by the end of March 2017, Motor vehicle ownership for the first time exceeded 300 million, of which 200 million civilian vehicles. Which derived from the automotive service industry can be more than one trillion.
Auto parts and other automotive supplies development prospects, which also shows that the era of automotive market after the advent of the market. After the car market will also usher in the car after the market "modern era".
Auto "modern era" features one
Diversification to replace a single model
Appliance consumption, we are familiar with the country the United States, Suning and so on. Furniture consumption, there are stars Meikailong, IKEA and so on. The retail industry is also familiar with the big hair, Wal-Mart and so on. So the future of commercial hypermarkets have their own business model, are from a single model into a diversified business. The new Auto Parts City is based on auto parts trading, covering a variety of market functions of diversified diversified business. Fully tap the consumer's various consumer needs, and constantly open up new consumer growth momentum.
There is a classic joke: foreign individuals have opened a gas station, another person to open the supermarket, behind to open the hardware store ... ... the last street are prosperous up. And in China, you open a petrol station to make money, I also opened a gas station. Finally, competition is getting bigger and bigger, playing price war, and finally all get rich and empty. Although it is a joke, but also tell us a reason: cooperation can win, competition is not necessarily a good thing. Only to make the cake bigger, the auto parts made of the automotive industry, "Wanda Plaza", fully excavation owners in the car during the maintenance of other rigid demand, is the future Auto Parts City "modern era."
Characteristics of "Modern Times" in Automobile
franchise management
Auto development of the city, in the past history of commercial development, has made remarkable achievements. However, we have gradually found that the current business model is difficult to adapt to the future market development.
The current auto parts city or a single individual sales only as the main terminal sales model, this sales model can be said that the most primitive business model. And some auto parts city has grown, in the presence of a number of leading role in the auto parts city, their Auto Parts City, are sitting to the king, but do the local market, it is difficult to brand, chain management into the peripheral area The Industry standards and standards to be further improved, the urgent need for new formats and the emergence of new business models.
The development of chain operations, has undoubtedly become a lot of entrepreneurs engaged in auto parts business one of the consensus. Through the chain form, enterprises can better play the advantages of channels, the scale of business objectives can be achieved quickly in the market and consumers in the rapid establishment of the advantages of the brand.
Although the above situation is only a prediction, but for auto parts, auto parts people should always be prepared, followed by the transition, upgrade, the impact of electricity, auto parts only through a step by step to verify, in the end is "chain "Or commercial development, let us wait and see!

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