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Blue Sword 6 action to regulate the quality of automotive air conditioning parts

Industry News
2017/08/30 17:21
Recently, Longquan City Quality Supervision Bureau of law enforcement officers on a number of automotive air conditioning parts enterprises to check to evaporators, condensers and compressor exhaust pipe for the law enforcement focus, focusing on production does not meet the production standards to fake true, waste Renovation, infringement of intellectual property rights and other illegal acts.
It is understood that, in order to further strengthen the Longquan automobile air conditioning parts industry product quality supervision, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the broad masses of the people, Longquan City Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out the "Blue Sword 6" special enforcement action.
Longquan City Bureau of Quality Supervision, the person in charge told reporters that the automotive air conditioning parts industry is one of the pillars of Longquan City, but before the fake true, infringement of intellectual property rights and other violations occurred, for which the Council for several years The relevant product quality improvement, brand name creation and special enforcement action.
Law enforcement officers to each enterprise, are carefully check the purchase inspection system is sound, whether the specification of the finished product packaging, industrial products within the scope of the product license number and name of the factory name is correct and so on. At the same time, also to the enterprise to promote the relevant laws and regulations, requiring enterprises to strict quality control.
Up to now, Longquan City Quality Supervision Bureau sent a total of 20 law enforcement officers, check the relevant business 10, sampling 8 batches, qualified 8 batches, pass rate of 100%. At the same time, from the inspection results, the city auto air-conditioning parts industry product quality assurance capabilities, brand building situation has improved significantly, law enforcement officers in the field inspection, found no infringement of intellectual property rights and other violations.

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