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City auto air conditioning parts industry by the provincial finance 5 million yuan special subsidies

Industry News
2017/08/30 17:19
February 21, the provincial letter of the letter, the Provincial Department of Finance announced the 2016 year in Zhejiang Province, "machine substitutions" pilot list, the city auto air conditioning parts industry list, access to the provincial finance department 500 million special fund subsidy The
According to the characteristics of industry enterprises, regional characteristics, development stage and market demand, the city should focus on automobile air conditioning parts, bamboo products, celadon sword, agricultural products processing and other industries, and promote the " "Advanced technology and equipment, held a" machine substitutions "sub-industry on-site promotion, through policy guidance, classification promotion, a typical demonstration, etc., to achieve the key industries of technological transformation and breakthrough.
"Machine dividend instead of the demographic dividend, let us tasted the sweetness." Zhejiang Sanli Filter Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Qinghua said that three years, the company invested millions of dollars each year, focusing on mechanical duplication, labor intensity and high precision Parts processing lines and assembly lines for automation. As early as May 2013, the company invested more than 100 million yuan independent research and development of new version of the tensile production line, the filter case of the one-time pass rate from 96.5% to 99.99%, the operating staff from 4 to 1, But from the original 2000 to 3000.
In the new company, perseverance companies, Songxin companies and other key enterprises in the industry driven and demonstrated, in recent years, many companies have also accelerated the "machine substitutions." Zhejiang Colang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. General Manager He Qingyun introduced last year, the company annual output of 100 million wiper steel production line punching, shaping, driving and cutting device was modified, the annual labor cost savings of more than 200 million , Production efficiency increased by 75%. At present, the enterprise products have occupied the country without bone wiper blade 38% market share, and with the world's largest manufacturers of wiper one of the United States and other companies established a long-term relationship.
This year, the city implemented the key process automation transformation, production line automation transformation, two fusion construction and other machine replacement project of more than 40. 1 - 11 months to complete industrial technological transformation investment 1.19 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%, accounting for 68.2% of industrial investment.
"This time included in the provincial pilot, we will further accelerate the industry 'machine substitutions' pace, promote intelligent manufacturing, enhance the influence of the industry." Municipal Bureau of the relevant person in charge said that " , Key enterprises and regulations on the enterprise "three levels, combined with major projects, key links and a single link to promote the" machine substitutions. " In the Mita Automobile Air Conditioning Compressor Co., Ltd. and other enterprises to implement information transformation demonstration project, through intelligent, automated upgrade to promote technological transformation, and promote the overall optimization and upgrading of the industry structure.

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