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Three bags of repair air conditioning replacement parts Why pay a thousand dollars?

Industry News
2017/08/30 17:17
Hot summer, air conditioning is broken but not repaired, this stove-like days can be how? Recently, Ryan's Mr. Ge will encounter this bother. "My air conditioning to enjoy the three packs but also to charge such a high cost, do not pay will not repair, this weather you say who won.
As early as May 2014, Mr. Ge in a well-known electrical city to buy a 3 a brand of air conditioning. But this summer air conditioning is not cooling, Mr. Ge call Ruian City Government 81890 hotline for help, hotline service staff to see after Mr. Ge is the air compressor compressor is broken. So Mr. Ge Shangguan reported that the maintenance of the next day to send maintenance workers to confirm that the compressor damage need to be replaced. According to the provisions of the compressor warranty for 6 years, the two sides on the same day to determine the replacement of the compressor parts costs, labor costs free, inflatable charges by Mr. Ge, and other manufacturers to ship about a week. However, after a week after the repair master calls notice, the compressor has to Ryan, but must pay 1,000 yuan repair costs.
"Obviously the last time that only received inflatable charges, to repair to receive such a high amount of repair costs, this is not a fraud?" Mr. Ge questioned the reasons. And businesses think that people do not belong to the scope of the three packs. The two sides had a dispute, Mr. Ge that business attitude is bad, shirk responsibility, they call 12315 complaints.
Ruian City Market Authority Yuhai received complaints, immediately contact the business communication and coordination. According to the national "Three Guarantees" requirement, air conditioning manufacturers to the quality of air conditioning repair, consumers find their own air conditioning repair master is only to view the air conditioning, did not remove the parts caused damage to the machine, businesses should be in accordance with the provisions of " Three Guarantees "service. Negotiated by the communication, businessmen finally agreed to come home free maintenance, Mr. Ge expressed satisfaction with such mediation results. Zhang Chang market regulators to remind:
Consumers to buy air-conditioning and other electrical goods if the problem occurs, we must first control the product brochures or related agreements to understand whether the "Three Guarantees" period, to avoid unnecessary economic losses. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of goods and after-sales service, consumers must go to the regular shopping malls, supermarkets to buy, buy home appliances to take the initiative to obtain a shopping invoice, and custody is good, once found after the problem, the invoice is the maintenance of goods and the quality of claims The important evidence to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

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