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Shellfish "maltose plan" set sail Chinese - style "food education" education and culture

Industry News
2016/10/19 16:23
What is the Maltose Program?
Maltose program is the boss of electrical appliances launched in 2016 for a young mother's public action, through the most easy way to quickly improve their cooking skills, cultivate children's good eating habits, get rid of children eat bad habits. Not only that, children of food that unknown world of exploration, fried cooking fried boring stew, in the child's view is more fun, so that children are more sensitive to food, food culture heritage, we hope that sweet as sweet as sweet Their childhood.
Feng Tang wrote to her daughter, "soup is more important than writing poetry" on the current situation in China, the young parents have gradually with the awareness of the problem, but severely affected by snacks, school education investment absent, Nutrition information chaos and other effects, the health of our children from time to time without experiencing serious harm. In the case of foreign countries, schools tend to play an important role, but not just here, parents, individuals, communities, governments should be "food" culture of the proponents, children's Diet cultivation is not only the school thing, it is the matter of everyone in society.

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