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Shell electrical appliances by 2016 China 's real estate supply chain business investment value of the top five

Industry News
2016/10/19 16:22
May 26, by the China Real Estate Association, China Real Estate Evaluation Center co-sponsored the 2016 "China real estate listed companies evaluation results conference" held in Hong Kong grand. Shell electrical appliances to become the only invited to participate in the kitchen appliance suppliers, and access to "2016 China's real estate supply chain business value of the top five" title.
Leading high-end kitchen electric, and partners win-win co-prosperity
As China's kitchen electrical industry leading enterprises, the boss has been high-end innovative products and professional quality services known for China's kitchen industry is the only one at the same time with the green, green city, Hengda, Gui Bi Park, investment, gold and other 60 Home large-scale real estate group to achieve long-term strategic partnership brand side. Boss electrical appliances to high-quality products, professional services, good reputation settled in the partners in the major cities of the boutique residential area, to provide the most comprehensive kitchen appliances supporting solutions, access to a number of partners recognized and praised, has been continuous Four years won the Hengda real estate group appraisal of the "outstanding strategic partner" title. With the high evaluation of the boss is the continued rise in sales of electrical appliances. Even in the entire industry downturn in the market situation, the boss is still contrarian growth. According to Zhongyi Kang retail monitoring report shows that in 2015, the company's main product range hood retail sales, retail market share of 16.78%, respectively, 24.84%; gas stove retail sales, retail market share of 14.64%, respectively, 21.61%; Disinfection cabinet retail market share of 19.41%, are continuing to maintain the industry first.
Focus on technological innovation, providing a kitchen overall solution
For a long time, the boss of electrical appliances to "superb technology, easy cooking" product concept to occupy the consumer "technology" the precise positioning of the word, won more than 35 million family trust, hood for 18 consecutive years to maintain sales lead. Focus on technological innovation, relentless pursuit of product quality is the boss of electrical appliances to provide consumers with the fundamental quality of the application of the Internet scene technology boss electrical ROKI intelligent cooking system is intelligent home to a new height.
With ROKI intelligent cooking system for users to create a family kitchen as the center of the intelligent ecosystem, which is actually behind the superb technology to open the "excellent +" life. Hardcover room kitchen equipment to buy, related to the impression of consumer devices, the boss of the brand's advantage for the overall real estate points; its quality of follow-up services will also bring convenience to consumers in the future, deepen the real estate brand Loyalty and reputation.

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Fax: 86-028-84215339
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